Rebranding – Renewing and Reenergizing

Luccia Lowenthal

As a photographer, your work says a lot about you. Each image you take reflects back on you. What drives you? What excites you? What inspires you? The process is ever-changing and evolving, and that is part of what drew me to photography. The ability to showcase my passions in a dynamic medium renews and reenergizes me every day.

Over the years, I’ve been refining what I’m most passionate about. When I first began my career, I enthusiastically dove headfirst into the world of fashion. But over time, I’ve came to find out that what excites me most, are the people I photograph. I find I am most creatively challenged when capturing people at significant moments in their lives.

I love people. I’m drawn to them – their energy and their expressions. I love capturing their emotions, whether it’s a bathing suit model poolside, a CEO in their office, or a mom gazing at her newborn baby. It’s such a joy to get to know my clients and be able to capture them as authentically as possible. I find that when they are a part of the process, they enjoy it as much as I do.

In the beginning of my career, my focus was not in promoting or building a brand. Instead, I spent years honing my craft so that, now, confident in my skillset, I can best help my clients express themselves. Today, I’m so excited to share a new and improved website that reflects my work and my clients in their best light. I hope you can take a moment to explore, sign up for my newsletter, and share with any friends or colleagues in need of professional photography.
I’m excited to see where this next evolution will take us. Stay tuned!



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